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Scene 1: PE teacher to the children, “Today we will play basketball.” After some warmup drills and dribbling, the students are divided into two teams. The less athletic students are put on the teams in the end. They barely participate in a sport that does not interest them. The class ends with a few students overjoyed and the rest day-dreaming.

A typical Kleinetics class – coach announces, “Today we will do a plank challenge, wall squats, play a handball game, indulge in some 180-spin catches and practise high jumps.”

Every child works out to the best of their own individual abilities. Some children may need a lighter medicine ball to help their workout but that apart, this workout is one that will help every child–the most athletic and the least athletic, enjoy their day on the ground. At the end of the day all the students are sweating, smiling and would have bettered their level of fitness for that day.


PT period is a typical scene at many schools. But it is also the most ineffective way of getting children interested in the importance of their own fitness. Sporting activities need to be enjoyed for children to make them a part of their daily life. The fitness of our youth is far too important to rely on only certain kinds of games! Sadly, most of India’s youth have little fitness awareness. A study published in the noted medical journal Lancet says India is just behind US and China in this global hazard list of top 10 countries with highest number of obese people. Health is wealth and yet schools chase academics instead of the steeplechase. This brings us to the need to including a spirited workout into children’s lives.


So what is Kleinetics? Kleinetics is India’s premier functional fitness programme for children between 3 and 14. It has been founded by a team of corporate professionals, fitness enthusiasts, doctors and leading sports coaches. It brings about a paradigm shift in the way fitness programmes are designed and delivered. Working out in open spaces, jumping on the trampoline, hanging from the pull-up bar make children more agile, flexible and resistant to diseases. This form of exercising thus aims to be the leading change agent driving physical literacy in a state of looming health crisis. A multi-joint, multipurpose interdisciplinary full-body workout, it involves muscle groups in their full range of motion using numerous innovative drills/ circuits and equipment,  training the body to be able to perform effectively in real and sporting situations.

One of the key ingredients of Kleinetics is ‘Gamification’. It revolves around achievement, tapping into needs for competition, status, altruism and community collaboration. The second one is ‘Quantification’, tracking the progress of the child and sharing it periodically with parents.


How Kleinetics helps children:

·       Develops motor skills which, with the current lifestyle and environment, are highly compromised

·       Trains children in terms of speed, strength, endurance, co-ordination, flexibility and agility

·       And most importantly raises immunity levels

·       Helps build confidence, influence leadership and social skills

·       Enhances memory, attention and improves problem solving skills


If your child fit?

1. Is he/she able to sit in Vajrasana, Padma asana, or the butterfly pose, for five minutes?
2. Is he/she able to touch his/her toes?

3. Is performing a front roll very difficult for your son or daughter?
4. Is a game of catches or hopscotch something that your child doesn’t do well?

If your child finds it difficult to perform these simple functions, he/she needs to start working towards attaining optimal physical fitness.

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