Jumping can make you SMARTER & HAPPIER!

Yes! You read it right.

Research has shown exercise and jumping rope are great for your body to release the happy hormones – “Endorphins”.

Jumping requires coordination between the mind and body to make certain neuromuscular adjustments to help land on the feet properly. It also helps kids develop the right & left hemisphere of the brain, which further improves mental alertness, creative thinking, reading skills and increases memory.

Introduce skipping rope to your kid, ideally from the age of 4 or 5, and look for the immense benefits it can provide to your children at an emotional, mental and physical level. Skipping is suitable for and benefits all age groups. Skipping is one of the fitness exercises that could help to resolve this problem of childhood obesity and help such kids lead a normal healthy life.

Any activity makes up for a good mood, but jumping on ropes correctly fits the description of #funfitness.

Have a look at how the kid at Kleinetics tried out skipping rope for the very first time. Her dedication and the mindset of not giving up made her accomplish the art within a matter of 20 minutes.

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