Importance of Animal Walks for kids

When it comes to encouraging children to be active and to exercise daily,  they want it in a fun and loving way. Usually, after school when the kids are tired, it is difficult to convince them to do an exercise.

Gross motor skills are such an important part of the healthy development and children of all ages. In fact, gross motor activities not only get the kids moving and active and allow them to release much needed energy. They also are responsible for helping children regulate their sensory needs.

Here’s when animal walks can challenge them to do it in the smallest of spaces!

But why do animal walks?

These silly yet creative animal walks make exercise fun for kids. They offer a variety of benefits like developing core strength, motor skills, balance, coordination and muscle strength. It encourages them to use their imagination and creative play.

Animal walks can be made enjoyable by asking the kids to make animal sounds and move in different directions like real animals

Young ninjas love to perform these walks while playing #funfitness games.

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