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A Fun fitness system for kids

Here's how we make a quantifiable difference to your child's fitness


Kleinetics replicates functional movement, that is, those movements we use to get things done in our daily lives.

Multi-joint movements using groups of muscles in multiple planes This trains the body to be able to perform effectively in real life situations, including sports.

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Kids love returning to a Kleinetics session. We apply game mechanics & design techniques to engage and motivate kids to achieve their goals.

Rewards such as badges and points are used to elevate working out to be more fun than the latest game/app.



For fitness, one size should never fit all. From fundamentals to sports-specific drills, every child has a unique need.

With an industry-beating coach-to-student ratio and a personalised regimen, Kleinetics lets kids play at their own optimum pace, with attention to the areas required.



Fitness measurement has remained unchanged for decades. Kleinetics has pioneered the proprietary P.A.C.E score that accurately tracks all aspects of physical progress. With software analytics, we then get a customised roadmap for each child.

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The Kleinetics Approach

Philosophy & Mission
A national movement towards physical literacy for all.

India is at the cusp of a health crisis, driven predominantly by evolving lifestyles and genetics. To avert it, fitness must play the same role as reading, writing and arithmetic. Just as kids don’t learn to read just by holding books, fitness needs pedagogy too. Training the body isn't about going out to play, it is a form of literacy.

This physical literacy is an individual’s physical competence, knowledge and understanding for maintaining purposeful physical pursuits through all types of environments. People who are more physically literate are more likely to be active over time.

Current Phys Ed curricula have not kept pace with the world of smartphone games, YouTube and Snapchat. And ultimately, no one can be coerced into being active: we need to like (and get addicted) to a healthier lifestyle.

By co-opting from the world of game-play, and adding from cutting-edge global practice around functional fitness, we were able to design a program that kids love, even as parents and coaches see palpable and measurable changes. But extensive research has shown that this kind of program enhances memory, attention and focus, improves problem solving abilities. Over time, kids also see an increase in self confidence, self esteem and stress reduction, they build ability to handle winning and losing, & enhance social skills.

In a nutshell, they prepare for real life.

References: American Board Of Sports Psychology, Australian Sports Commission, Sports For Life Programme - Singapore

  • The program covers all key fitness areas: Power, Agility, Cardio & Endurance

  • 90% monthly full-attendance record: kids love coming for the class since they see it as play, not ‘work’

  • Participants have seen up to 88% lift in P.A.C.E scores in a four month training cycle

  • Our trainers have to undergo over 75 hours of core certification and apprenticeship, along with skilling in areas such as sports coaching and physiotherapy


The Core Team


CEO & Co-Founder
18 years as a practising surgeon | Gynaecologist specialising in adolescent health and PCOS | Ex-lecturer at Wadia-KEM | Pursuing movement science | Mentoring children in fitness and sports


50+ years in pharmaceuticals and health | Head of Marketing at Glaxo | CEO at Universal Medicare


20 years in content development | Serial entrepreneur | Business strategy | Operationalisation and quality control | PGDBM from IIM, Calcutta


21 years in brand marketing | Founder of leading digital content marketing firm | Product planning | Customer experience | MMS from JBIMS, Mumbai

Abhijeet Kulkarni

Sports & Psychology Advisor
Leading sports journalist | Footballer | Trained Sports Psychologist | Built a system to talent-spot and train elite sportspersons | Advisor at Go Sports Foundation

Rashmi shroff

Business Advisor
Entrepreneur wtih diverse inductry experience from hospitalty to IT sector with great people management skills and out of the box thinking

Nirali Tanna

Nutrition Advisor
MSc in Food Processing & Preservation | BSc in Nutrition & Dietetics | Developed the kids' menu at Holachef | Key engagements at Tarla Dalal, Cafe Nutrition and Suman Agarwal | Founder at Map My Meals

Nishanth Jesudas

Curriculum Design Advisor
Trained physical therapist for paediatrics, orthopaedics & neurology | Worked at Apollo Spectra Hospital and SL Raheja Hospital

Kajal Yadav

Accounts & Operations Manager


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