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Tailored Training Programs for Children at Kleinetics

At Kleinetics, our customized fitness and sports curriculum caters to diverse age groups from an active start, ensuring holistic and inclusive options for specially-abled children. Programs are designed for long-term athlete development, blending sport-specific training and general conditioning and strength-building essential for sports

Junior Kleinetor Course
(2 to 6 years) - Level 1 FitGym:

Recognising the significance of early motor skill development, the Junior Kleinator Course is designed to guide children in mastering the fundamental principles of coordination, balance, and agility – the essential ABCs of physical literacy laying a solid athletic foundation through locomotor, non-locomotor, and object control skills taught through games, progressing to complex movement patterns.

Junior Kleinetor Course
(2 to 6 years) - Level 2 FitGym:

Experience the remarkable evolution of your child’s sports prowess through the advances in their essential motor skills in Target games (e.g. Bowling), Net/Wall games (e.g. Badminton), Fielding and Striking skills (e.g. Cricket), invasion / Territory sports (e.g. football)

The Rising Kleinator Sports Program
(6 To 12 Years) - Level 1:

This level is meticulously designed to unlock the child’s athletic potential and cultivate fundamental skills, laying the groundwork for a journey of athletic development. The emphasis is on strength, endurance, and essential sports skills, resulting in physically fit and resilient children prepared to tackle challenges on and off the field.

Rising Kleinator Sports Program
(6 to 12 years) - Level 2:

This program is crafted to propel their skills to new heights, refining technique, enhancing endurance, and instilling a winning mindset in school sports teams

Teen Kleinator Course

This meticulously designed program harnesses the influence of hormonal changes during puberty, Immediate fitness gains

Weight management
fitness program for teens

focuses on promoting healthy habits, physical activity, and balanced nutrition to support weight control and overall well-being.
Benefits of goal based fitness program
For specially-abled children, Tailored goal based fitness programs are designed to empower them, offering engaging and customised workouts that nurture their physical and mental well-being with compassion and inclusivity.
Sports Nutrition: Optimise performance and recovery with personalised nutrition plans tailored to athletes’ unique needs, fueling their success on and off the field.
Sports Psychology: Unlock peak performance and mental resilience with expert guidance in sports psychology, enhancing focus, confidence, and overall well-being for athletes at every level.

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