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By partnering with Kleinetics, your school positions itself as an early adopter of comprehensive physical literacy programs in line with the National Education Policy (NEP) and the latest global understanding. Our innovative approach, infused with gamification, accelerates motor development, providing a unique and engaging learning experience
Key Features
Gamification Techniques
Lesson Plans
Strength Training Integration

Partnership Benefits

At-home or on-the-go, practice wherever and whenever you want. Our virtual, holistic lifestyle coaching and training sessions are designed to activate, stretch, move and strengthen your body. Our Trainers connect with you for coaching sessions customized to deliver the inspiration and motivation you need to reach your goals.

Partnership Benefits

Kleinetics offers a comprehensive solution for schools and preschools catering to children (Nursery to Grade 12).
72 Grade-Wise Lesson Plans with Detailed Content Curriculum:
in easy-to-follow language for seamless implementation. More than 1008 lesson plans and easy-to-follow instructions with video and games bank
Digital portfolio assessments
to track progress
Teacher Training Workshops
Providing educators and trainers with the necessary skills to implement lesson plans effectively.
Yearly Calendar and Monthly Planner
Outlining the schedule of activities, themes, and sports events throughout the year
Parent workshops
Kleinetics facilitates the setup and infrastructure required for seamless program implementation.
Utilization of advanced technology for real-time activity tracking, providing valuable insights into engagement and player development .
Improved student health and fitness, leading to enhanced immunity and better academic outcomes.

Benefits for schools

Partnering with Kleinetics positively impacts the school’s overall ranking by offering a holistic approach to education that includes sports. The program not only enhances physical well-being and sports participation but also contributes to students’ academic success. Through this transformative partnership, schools witness a dynamic and engaging learning experience that aligns with the evolving educational landscape, fostering a well-rounded development for students.

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